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Are you interested in our latest analysis, entitled “Danexit after Brexit?” It was published 11-12 April 2016 and contains an in depth analysis of the ramifications of the British EU referendum 23 June 2016. The 54-page report includes an English summary, which you can see here. The report investigates the benefits or drawbacks of either outcome. You can download the full report here. Note it's in Danish only. Enquiries? Please write: a4v (at) a4v.dk

Who we are:

Analyseenheden 4V is a privately owned consultancy delivering independent economic and political analysis and advice. The company was founded in 2014 and tax registered in 2015 on Anholt Island, Denmark. The company is based in Denmark and Switzerland.

Analyseenheden 4V is nonpartisan, and its conclusions are independent of ideologies, religions or other special interests.

Literally translated as “The Analyst Unit 4V”, the company name is derived from four words, which in Danish language all commence with the letter “V”: Knowledge, Growth, Welfare, World.

The company consists of analysts with sector specific knowledge mostly from the fields of export and import and European policy. 4V operates under slogans like “No taboos, just the facts” and “No bricks, just brains”.

Analyseenheden 4V’s services target mainly, but not exclusively, small and medium sized companies in need of external help with specific market, political or economic analysis. One such example could be communication issue management.

Another could be international communication and market surveillance.

Yet another example could be competition compliance.

A fourth example could be market monitoring or market preparation.

By all means: If our services sound like your needs, please write or phone us!
You may write to 4v (at) a4v.dk

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